Who are we | we are whO

Believe it or not, but in fact WE are a very small team, we call it “The Familly” and in this company who really care about their customers (even when it’s free), people really enjoy what they are doing because Casciore is an independent producer of video game / video game content (3d Objects, Animations, Pictures, Logos, Sounds, Musics and all stuff like that …) our studio that develops and publishes powerful artifacts called “Piece of Art” has as a goal to make fun and pleasure in each creation. Don’t think too much and don’t ask yourself if we are serious or not, cause if you think too much about that YOUR BRAIN will be damaged by all that though. Believe me we are serious! … Or not.

After that introduction, WE hope you feel free to ask us a deal to buy our stuff for $2.5 billion (Microsoft if you read those lines…), no problem just feel free to ask us anything here 😉